Sunday, November 25, 2018

15mm Mexican War U.S. Army Regulars for Gone to See the Elephant

Regulars by God! Here is about half of my US Regular infantry, Reg Leg Infantry and  a 18 lbr Siege battery and a company of US Engineers.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

15mm Mexican War Army of th West Mormons and Missourians for Gone to See the Elephant

Here's some new figures I have finished to use in my New Mexico campaign. General Kearney's command consisted of mostly volunteers with the exception of a Dragoon unit and a few U.S. Army officers.

1st Missouri Mounted Rifles Doniphan's Command

Army of the West

Mormon Battalion

The Mormon raised a infantry Battalion for the war which ended up in California.After the war many of the members settled in California.

2nd Missouri Mounted Rifles Sterling Price's Command

Col Sterling Price lead this Battalion in New Mexico successfully ending the Taos Revolt which threatened the gains made by the Army of the West.