Thursday, April 14, 2016

Across a Deadly Field/Johnny Reb/Fire and Fury/15mm/AWI/ACW Wooden fences

Well I looked at my old fences and said"UGGH" so I made up a new batch for my ACW and AWI games. When working with wood I tend to stay away from paint and try stains for a more natural look from a dark brown to a whitish grey. Alot of the fences you see back East in parks are real grey but I tend to think that a working farm would replace the worn timbers fairly regularly since the wood rotted faster back then from a  lack of preservative finishes we have today.I also tend to clutter up terrain pieces for a more authentic look. Each fence 6 inches long/15 cm and made almost entirely of wood except the ground rocks/bushes lying about.I also tend to use more supports and glue than most people for gamer resistant strength. Enjoy

Split rail or battle fences 

Some rail fences

Action photographs