Sunday, June 30, 2019

15mm Red Chinese Army Infantry Regiment for the Korean War Cold War Commander

I finally noticed I hadn't posted my Red Chinese Infantry after I posted the US and North Koreans couple years back so here they are. I painted them in mixed uniforms and various weapons from my large everlasting bits bin . Avoiding the US and UN recon planes meant that the Red Chinese would have to limit if not abandon motor vehicle transport to reduce the telltale signs of movement from aerial observation.The Red Chinese used a lot of weapons from the following countries: US,Japan,Germany, and the Soviet Union, coupled with the fact that the Army used rudimentary forms of transport to include camels most of the heavy weapons were man portable with the exception of some artillery i.e US 75 mm pack howitzers and Soviet 120 mm mortars and various Japanese guns captured during World War Two.Using these light guns and their portability the Chinese were better able to infiltrate the South during the Autumn of 1950 and spring a big surprise on General MacArthur who believed he had already won the Korean War after Inchon and the race to The Yalu.He was gravely mistaken . Enjoy the photos.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Modular 15mm Mexican War Hacienda for Gone to See the Elephant or Mexican Revolution

Just finished the Hacienda Beltran for my tabletop using an old Gallia resin building and a couple of outbuildings I got off Ebay last year.The walls are from a ho scale kit offered by Revell-iitaleri  I bought 15 years ago or so.I made it modular to allow for easier play.Enjoy!


Hacienda Beltran was built in 1778 and was used to support cotton farming in the area suffering from Indian attack and the occasional drought it struggled on until 1823 when it was partially destroyed when Spanish forces cornered Don Joaquin Becerra and his raiders on the grounds after successfully plundering a Spanish supply base nearby. Unfortunately for Becerra the base was due to resupply a Brigade sized force of Spanish Infantry,artillery and Cavalry under Colonel Julius Scott  , an Englishman fighting for Spain.Scott literally blundered into Becerra as he and his men were sorting their ill gotten gains at the Hacienda.

Scott's numerically superior force quickly surrounded the perimeter while his cavalry drove off the horses and supply mules. Becerra unable to withdraw holed up in the Hacienda and waited for a parley. He didn't get one .Scott deployed his infantry on all sides and had his artillery open fire on the buildings which proved resistant to Scott's cannon fire. Scott then ordered the infantry to advance while Becerra's men took what cover they could and opened fire.on the advancing infantry. Meanwhile Scott ordered his cannon to switch targets and batter the gates down and he organized a assault party of his best infantry 50 men led by Captain Francisco Ubara. Scott's infantry advanced to within 40 yards of the walls and started trading volleys with Becerra's men inside  who inflicted around 20 casualties on the Spanish firing line while losing 2 men wounded in the exchange.Scott's gunners firing at 100 yards quickly battered the gates open and Captain Ubara led his assault party through the breach clearing the courtyard of any defenders who fled inside the buildings and onto rooftops to fire at Ubara and his party. Ubara ordered his men to breach the buildings but was unable to make entrance into the main house. Scott ordered up his 2 cannon and fired point blank into the main house driving men from the rooftop and shattering the main door which Ubara led his men into bayoneting any rebel the encountered.Once inside the fight was over in few minutes with Becerra wounded in the leg being captured along with 8 remaining men.All were taken outside and shot along with the wounded Becerra who had to be supported by two of his men.The Hacienda fell into disuse in 1838 after Alonzo Beltran was killed at San Jacinto. The estate's fortune  fell on hard times when the cotton crop failed in 1842 and 1843 forcing the family to sell off the land and relocate in 1844.During the Mexican War Texas rangers briefly occupied it while searching for Mexican Irregulars operating in the area.

Hers' a couple shots of  some Resacas I threw together.