Thursday, February 26, 2015

15mm North Koreans and US infantry

I recently finished my Korean war summer troops and have posted couple pictures to show off. The North Koreans are Eureka miniatures with a mix of Viet Minh to portray the North Korean infantry in helmets which despite what some sources say and various plastic figure makers sell the North Koreans used several types of helmets (Russian pattern 1940,old German style helmets captured from the Nationalists, Japanese helmets and even US helmets captured from ROK and US forces in their retreat from Seoul. The North Korean basic uniform was similar in color as the US and ROK issued uniforms but as the dyes varied in quality they faded to a yellowish color after field use. I depicted several shades of uniform to represent those new recruits,captures and older uniforms the North Korean wore. Ill post my Chosin Collection and aircraft later and some winter rice patties soon.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

15mm Jungle village for Bolt Action or Flames of War

Well I've been working on a couple JR mini's I purchased recently they come in grey resin and require some repairs depending on the mail carrier. The one I received had some missing stilts and mold lines that needed cleaning up.

I am working on expanding my Jungle buildings collection for use in the upcoming Ambon Island Campaign. As far as the resin buildings go they are acceptable but will require some cleanup but as these are primitive huts some imperfections are acceptable. My concern is that the stilts will break with rough handling so I epoxied them to the hut uppers and placed the whole shebang onto Masonite bases to protect the castings from breakage. I left the roofs unattached for those people who favor hiding their figures inside to spring ambushes on the unsuspecting foe. Here is some pictures of the final results