Thursday, November 28, 2019

15 mm AWI figures Old Glory Essex Peter Pig and Washington's Wars British,Continental and French Part One

Well Here's some quick shots of my AWI Project I've planned for my collection I amassed almost all of it 6 years ago and after painting a paltry 13 Battalions i started to work on the rest just in August focusing on the British Continentals and French first, then I will get to the 14 1/2 Battalions of German troops my Brunswickers for the Saratoga Campaign..All in all I have Eight divisions ( 3 British,3 Continental, 1 French, 1 German and a 14 wagon supply train.) My typical Division has 9 line Battalions (16 figures each) 1 or 2 Light Battalions (12 figures each) and one battery of artillery.The rules I use doesn't have a stated figure ratio unit sizes reflect the willingness to fight with smaller units more fragile then larger units that are more motivated.Units still have their own quality levels thus smaller units while being affected by losses still perform well they just have the possibility of breaking from losses easier,At corps level i have several cavalry units, several converged grenadiers battalions and Corps level artillery especially the French who provided a large Siege train for the war effort. I have completed all but a few of the British, Continental and French so far with the 14 1/2 battalions of Germans still crossing the Atlantic but they should be ready in late December,

On to the photos Enjoy!