Tuesday, March 23, 2021

More units for AWI Washington's Wars and Greene's Southern Campaign

 Well I have finished several more units for the campaign and my AWI Armies as well as some support trains to supply my vast horde of newly painted miniature's. As I am in the final stages of my Southern Campaign build up I've included several units which played apart of the overall conduct of the war in the South.

Lee's Legion I painted them in mixed uniforms to lessen confusion for players when fighting battles. I know the legion wore uniforms almost exactly the same as Tarleton's British legion but   since the continental supply service to pit it loosely was inept I figure a mixed uniform would be proper plus I like the buff and green facings.


Here's a unit of Tory cavalry of an unknown unit  (Taffington's Ghost Hunters) possibly used to 
conduct anti guerilla raids and local barbeques sources disagree as to the style of barbeque some say North Carolina some say South Carolina. British sources are mum on the subject.

Taffington and his merry band

Supply trains and supply carts since I'll be moving armies around the countryside both sides will needs supplies in order to carryout their missions. My rules will have supply trains and magazines for each side to provide for their forces as they seek to destroy and overcome the opposition. Since the rules I use have ammo carts in them to resupply units out of ammunition and since the carts them selves were used to convoy supplies I've made several for each side to provide support during a game or in the case of a raiding game targets to be seized.

Good Ole Lumber wagon for engineering tasks I don't remember where I got this from but it is neat wagon.

Indian Auxiliaries I made these for both Theatres North and South and as back ups for my French and Indian War armies. The figures are Old Glory Northern and Southern tribes and are easy to paint up and well animated. I also have a Indian village 10 longhouses and wigwams and 2 tepee's the kind manufacturer at Acheson Designs gave me nice models and affordable. Some thing seems to stirred   these Indians up.

Morgan's Rifle Corps seems to have snuck in under the stern hand of Benedict Arnold to show these savages the err of their ways.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

New Cornfields for AWI ACW Mexican War or any Blackpowder Period

 Well I finally got the time to make some cornfields this year. I had the materials for around 5 years now but never seem to get the time but as the  reforestation project is mostly complete and the irrigation project is halfway done I decided to try my hand at the ever elusive corn project. I used the cornfields that JT hobbies make and tried to make some couple years back which looked good but the wear and tear of the common gamer soon trampled them down ruining the crop. 

I decided to use FOW plastic bases of which I have like  1000 instead of the roof shingles I used on the 1st crop which are durable bit I wanted more uniformity in base size. I chose med infantry base and small infantry base which is half the size of the medium base. I made enough for 40 bases of corn with 8 stalks a base for medium bases and 4 stalks a base for the small bases. I used wire pine which many people use which is cheap and durable so the common gamer will have to put in extra effort to destroy. The use of these plastic bases makes light and easy to set up field without having to worry about bases crushing other bases when traveling or in storage. I cut the wire pine into 1 1/8th inch pieces and allowed for some shorter pieces(not all plants grow equally) I then drilled holes in the bases using my trust dremel tool. I eyed the hole alignment and purposely left variations in the rows to reflect inaccuracies' from the farmer hand planting his fields in the days before automated machinery. I glued the stalks using epoxy glue which is a better bond than Zap and more workable. after drying I flocked the tops with some fall flocking left over from the reforestation project once the glue dried I dry brushed pale straw on the tops and then dry brushed titanium yellow as a highlight.

Here's some pics enjoy