Friday, November 27, 2020

My AWI 15mm Armies are mostly done Essex Old Glory Blue Moon Minifigs and Peter Pig

 Well it's been awhile , I've got down to less than 12  Battalions for my AWI here is a load of pictures of my British/Brunswick and Hessians facing off against my Continental's and Militia the French are tardy and will appear once I get their last 7 Battalions finished.

Ban Tarleton with Light infantry and Queen's Rangers defend a fence

The Brunswicker's and Hessians move in

Hessian Jagers snooping around

North Carolina Highlanders guard the British left

17th Light Dragoon's in reserve

The Kings's Carolina Regiment advances

Lord Howe and Staff

Tarleton's Legion dismounted provides a skirmish screen for the advancing British

Jagers face off with Lee's Legion and friends

Continental artillery pounds away at the British lines

Dearborn's Continental lights riddle Baum's light Battalion

Tory Militia

Royal Foot Guards in reserve

Iroquois Indians skirmish against Riflemen

Continental infantry await the British assault defending the stonewall

George Washington and Staff

British Grenadiers